Leaf pickup will begin Monday October 15th. PLEASE rake leaves into street away from the storm drains. CIP 12: The curbing will be completed today (Wednesday) and the driveways will be completed on Wednesday and Thursday. You can drive on your driveways SEVEN days after they are installed! The contractors will begin work on the road surfaces on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the blacktop work scheduled for Monday and/or Tuesday (October 22nd and 23rd). Sod work will begin also that week of October 22nd (I am guessing after the blacktop is completed). Also, a reminder that the Special Assessment hearing will be held on Tuesday, October 23rd at the FIRE HALL at 7:00 p.m.

How to Apply

Downtown Redevelopment Program guidelines and application

Program Intent

$100,000 total funds available for B-1 Zoned (downtown business district) properties only.

Stewartville’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) was established to attract, promote, and develop an economically sound future for the community. The EDA is a professional advocate for the business community. We provide ideas, information, venture capital, financial packaging, and expertise in business development and retention, focusing on projects that aim to make Stewartville a better place to live, work, and do business.

In keeping with the above stated objective, the EDA established this program with the intent, To encourage property owners to redevelop underutilized or blighted properties in the core downtown business district by providing funds for demolition, site clean-up, and site prep.

Forgivable Loan

Up to $25,000

Match Requirement

1:1; match can include costs of construction if included in the application.


Applicants have 120 days from approval to complete approved demolition/site cleanup/etc… and claim funds or to ask and receive an extension from the EDA, or their project funding will be withdrawn and given to the next project.

If no increase in tax base occurs on the property within 2 years of approval, full principal amount is due back to the EDA in monthly payments, at a rate no less than the then current EDA loan interest rate, at a term not to exceed 10 years.

If the property is sold within 2 years of approval, the principal amount is immediately due in full to the EDA.

If the property is sold after 3 years of approval, the principal amount is immediately due as follows: sold in year 3, repay 100%; sold in year 4, repay 66%; sold in year 5, 33%; sold after 5 years, no repayment.

Eligible Projects

  • Demolition/removal of all or some major manmade structures
  • Asbestos & environmental abatement
  • Grading, fill, rock, dirt, and similar site prep materials
  • Issues with site access or configuration