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Commercial & Small Business Lenders*

Stewartville Locations

  • Bremer Bank
  • First Farmers & Merchants State Bank
    Dylan Smallwood / 507-533-4081  dylansmallwood@ffmbank.com
  • ONB
    Josh Buckmeier / 507-424-1573 josh.buckmeier@bankononb.com
    Ann Lutteke / 507-280-0621 / ann.lutteke@bankononb.com
    Jamie Wodele / 507-504-1060 / jamie.wodele@bankononb.com

Rochester Locations

  • F & M Community Bank
    Tamsen Leimer / 507-273-6932 / tamsenl@fmcommunity.com
  • F & M Community Bank
    Jim Oeltjenbruns / 507-951-0765/ jimo@fmcommunity.com
  • F & M Community Bank
    Brian Poch / 507-251-4981
  • Home Federal Savings Bank
    Pam Bleifus / 507-226-0854 / pamela.bleifus@hfsb.com
  • Think Bank
    Melissa Dickinson / 507-529-2280 / mdickinson@thinkbank.com

Grand Meadow Locations

  • First Farmers & Merchants State Bank
    David Feddersen / 507-322-4095 / davidfeddersen@ffmbank.com
  • First Farmers & Merchants State Bank
    Kathy Nagel / 507-322-4093 / kathynagel@ffmbank.com


*This list is representative only of those organizations and lenders who have submitted information to be included and approved for distribution to any and all inquirers. The order of this listing in no way reflects opinions as to the quality of the individuals’ service. Additionally, please note that contact with these listed parties in no way guarantees financing or special rates.  All inquiries will be subject to relevant organizational guidelines, review, and approval. If you would like your contact information to be added to the listing as a lender who is able to provide services to businesses in the Stewartville area, please contact Joya Stetson at joya.stetson@cedausa.com or 605-376-4127.