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The Beginning

Stewartville was founded in 1857 as a small prairie village. There were three streets off of Main Street – Lake, Center, and Church. During this period the cornerstone of Stewartville was the mill built on the banks of the river. When the railroad come through town, Stewartville grew as a regional farming and industrial center. Lake Street became the premier residential address. “Silk Stocking Row” was the home of doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs.


Notable Residents

  • Jill Billings, Wisconsin State Assembly
  • John Paul Goode, a geographer and cartographer
  • David C. Hodge, president of Miami University
  • Jason Hammel, half of Indie-Pop duo Mates of State
  • Richard Warren Sears, founder of Sears, Roebuck & Company


Photos & Documents

Browse historical document and photos from the Stewartville Historical Society and Stewartville Public Library.