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The Stewartville Public Swimming Pool delights you with many fun features. Our zero-depth area offers a tot slide and interactive water features. Our deep pool includes a diving board and two 30-foot slides*!*Must be 48″ inches tall to use slides.

Children who are not potty trained must wear both- swim diaper and plastic pants!!

The Stewartville Pool accepts cash or check only! No credit or debit cards.


Personal Flotation Devices(Including Life Jackets) are NOT allowed at the Stewartville Pool.


Go to -Community-Swimming Pool and follow the directions on the Welcome page to sign-up for lesson time and date!

Please sign-up for an account by logging into the site and creating an account–

Actual Sign ups will be available on April 12th 8:00AM


June 7th thru June 11th 12:30pm to 6:30pm

The information below is subject to change according to the Stay Safe Plan from the Governor. Minnesota State and Olmsted County Department of Health Guidelines.


+++++TIGER TIME HOURS 8:30,9:00,9:30,10:00+++++

With the world still getting back to more normal, the city felt this online sign-up would be a great way to avoid the normal large sign-up crowd, and enable the convenience of your own time into signing up for lessons. This program only works with a credit card payment, and the city and pool staff thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


6:30-7:30am                Lap Swim
7:30-8:30am                Water Aerobics class(Mon,Wed,Fri)
8:30-9:00am                Swim Lesssons
9:00-9:30am                Swim Lessons
9:30-10:00am             Swim Lessons
10:00-10:30am          Swim Lessons
10:30-11:00am          Swim Lessons
11:00-11:30am          Swim Lessons  

Open Swim                 12:30-6:30pm

7:00-7:30pm              Swim Lessons
7:30- 8:oopm             Swim Lessons
8:00-9:00pm              Water Aerobics(Tues,Thur,Sun)

Parents will not be allowed in pool area during public and private swim lessons

(Sat and Sun)
Open Swim               1:00pm – 4:00pm
Family Swim            5:00pm -6:30pm
Open swim                6:30pm-8:00pm

Level Descriptions   Level 6 Level 5 Level 4 Level Level 3 Level 2 Level 1

*Lap Swim
6:30 – 7:30a.m.
Cost $50.00

*Water Aerobics
Mon – Wed- Fri 7:30 a.m.-8:30a.m.
Tues-Thurs-Sun 8:00p.m.-9:00p.m.
Cost is $50.00
You will have to get a season pass or pay $4.00 or use a punch card for the open swim times.

*Swim Lessons                   TIGER TIME SLOTS
8:30am-11:30am                 8:30am -9:00am-9:30am-10:00am
June 14-June 25                       June 14-June 25
June 28-July 9                          June 28-July 9
July 12 – July 23                        July 12 – July 23
July 26 – August 6                     July 26 – August 6

*Parent/Child Lessons -This class is designed for children ages 6 months to 3 years.  Water exploration and beginning swimming skills will be covered.  The class will run for 2 weeks starting June 14th. Parents must be in the pool to assist child for Parent/Child lessons. No one else will be allowed in pool area. Child must have swim diaper and plastic pants over swim diaper.

Times will be 7:00pm to 7:30pm and 7:30pm to 8:00pm
June 14-June 25
June 28-July 9
July 12 – July 23
Cost $45.00


  • Locker rooms will be used for showering before lessons. No changing of clothing will be allowed
  • Entering the facilities thru front doors and existing after lessons thru gate at concessions
  • Pool furniture will not be available for use
  • Drinking fountain will not be available for use
  • Limited concessions

Some additional information this year due to COVID 19:

  • Social Distancing:
    To promote social distancing signage will be posted with guidelines.
    Designated staff will remind patrons to keep six feet apart if guidelines are not being followed within the pool area.
    We will ask that patrons stand in a single-file line upon entering the pool and stand six feet apart.
    Patrons will enter through the main doors, and then exit through the concession stand gate to avoid crossing paths.Picnic tables will remain in place; a maximum of 4 people can sit at each picnic table.
  • Locker rooms will only be available for showering before entering the pool and using the bathroom. Lockers will not be available for use by patrons.

Passes are valid one year’s swimming season only.

Prices (CASH OR CHECK ONLY at the Pool)

  • General Admission – $4 (6 months & older). Swim diapers and plastic pants are required for toddlers.
  • Punch Card – $30 for 10 punches
  • Water Aerobics – $50
  • Adult Fitness – $50
  • Swimming Lessons – $45
  • Parent Child Class $45
  • Family Pass $160
  • Single Pass $65

 Pool Rental

The Stewartville Public Pool may be rented for parties or events! Pricing is $100/hour without access to slides, or $150/hour with slide access. Prices include a party of up to 25 people; add $25/hour for each additional 12 guests.  If you choose to swim after your pool rental time, you will be required to pay general admission. Concessions may be available, talk to a pool supervisor/manager to learn more.

Call (507) 533-8143 for availability and to rent.

«Directions to the Pool

204 4th St. SW Stewartville, MN
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