Snow, Snow, Snow

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Any time snowfall is in the forecast, and especially when it starts to snow, it is most helpful for the City crew in cleaning the streets, if no vehicles or trailers are parked in the street when the plows come by.

Accommodating parking needs and winter street maintenance is a balancing act.  In order to allow residents to make the most use of the streets as possible, the City Council has chosen NOT to adopt a “strict no parking ordinance from Nov-April” as most communities do.   Instead, residents are allowed to use the streets all winter long, but will be required to move vehicles during snowfalls to accommodate the plows.  While it might seem difficult to anticipate when the plows might go out, a good rule of thumb is that if snow is predicted do not park on the street.

Parking Restrictions

See Ordinance Chapter 7, Section 10.

Our ordinance does not allow parking when a SNOW EMERGENCY  has been called by the City.  The snow emergency usually will be called when snow is predicted so residents can plan to have their vehicles removed from the streets. Typically, we try to wait until after midnight to plow, but the exact time depends on the time of the snow storm and the intensity of the snowfall. No vehicles are allowed to be parked on the streets when an emergency has been called.  To help our employees with safe efficient plowing, the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Dept. will be ticketing any vehicle parked on a city street. Snow Emergency Tickets will cost $84.00.  We have worked with Olmsted County in setting up a Stewartville Alert System.  We encourage everyone to sign up so you will be notified when the snow emergency has been issued.

Snow Removal from Private Property

When snow is being removed from your driveway or parking lot (whether you do it or hire someone to do it), do not move it onto public roads, sidewalks, or neighboring property.  Moving snow and ice from private property onto or across a public roadway is a violation of State Statute.  Pushing snow onto a sidewalk is prohibited by City Ordinance.

City Owned Parking Lots

All vehicles must be moved every 12 hrs between  Nov 1st and April 30th and 48 hrs between May 1st & October 31st.


Sidewalks need to be cleared as quickly and completely as possible, after a snowfall (within 24 hours)! Pedestrians depend on the sidewalks and need the corners clear, too. Homeowners need to clear the public sidewalk in front of their home. Clear safe sidewalks are extremely important to young children as they walk to school early in the morning. Please respect the safety and convenience of your neighbors and keep the sidewalks clear.

We ask that you share this information with your neighbors who are just moving into our community!

Snowplowing Questions & Answers

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding snow removal in our City.

At what point and at what time do snowplowing operations begin?
When a snow emergency is declared, snow and ice control operations move from salting to plowing the snow curb to curb. We try to wait until after midnight to plow the streets, but the exact time depends on the time of the snow storm and the  intensity of the snowfall.

Does the City plow all roadways located in Stewartville?
No – we have some private streets (Cottages, Maplebrook Townhomes, Southern Hills and River Oaks). The State also plows Hwy 63 and Hwy 30.

Why do folks living on cul-de-sacs seem to get more snow than others?
Plowing snow in cul-de-sacs is difficult because of the way they are situated. As much as possible, plow drivers try to plow snow away from driveways and deposit it in open areas.

Does the City plow our fire hydrants?
No, it’s impossible to remove snow from around all of them. Residents are asked to “adopt” a hydrant and clear the snow away from it to keep it accessible in case of a fire.

Does the City plow around recycling containers and garbage cans?
Unfortunately, drivers can’t plow around or set up containers that are knocked over. Residents are requested to set out recycling containers and garbage cans behind the street curb line. During the winters that we experience a large amount of snow, the boulevard areas will fill up with snow from the plows. It is important that you keep the area in front of your mailbox shoveled so that your mail can be delivered!

Does the City repair mailboxes that are damaged? *
Mailboxes will be repaired which are physically hit by City snowplows. Mailboxes that are damaged from the force of snow coming off the plow are not repaired.

Will the City repair damage that occurs near the edge of the street? *
The City will repair grass damage that results from City snowplows, but does not repair sprinklers, fences or any private improvements installed in the City right of way.

* If you have received damage to your mailbox or grass area – please call us at City Hall so that we can put you on our “repair list”.

Snowmobile Ordinance (summary)

Residents are reminded that the operation of snowmobiles within the limits of the City of Stewartville is regulated by Section 720. A summary of the major provisions of Section 720 is as follows:


  1. On public highways, streets, roads or allies except the extreme right hand side of the street.
  2. On public sidewalks, boulevards or private property without specific permission of the owner.
  3. At a rate of speed greater than reasonable or proper under all surrounding circumstances or at a speed exceeding 10 miles per hour on any public street or right of way.
  4. During the hours from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am on any day except when returning to operators residence from outside of or enroute to the limits of the City, when the most direct route should be used.
  5. Within 100 feet of any fisherman, pedestrian, skating rink or sliding area where the operation would conflict with use or endanger other persons or property.
  6. At any place, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs as defined in MS 169.121