Recreational Fires & Fire Pits

The following guidelines have been taken from MN Statutes 7005.0785 and have been approved by the Stewartville Fire Department.

  • Fires set for recreational, ceremonial, food preparation, or social purposes are allowed and do not require a permit.
  • The material to be burned must be limited to a pile no larger than three (3) feet in diameter by three (3) feet height.
  • The material must be contained in a fire ring.
  • Only unpainted and untreated wood, coal or charcoal may be burned.
  • No person shall conduct, cause or permit open burning of leaves, yard waste, garbage, oils, rubber, plastics, chemically treated materials or other materials which produce excessive or noxious smoke such as tires, railroad ties, chemically treated lumber, composite shingles, tar paper, insulation, composition board, sheet rock, wiring, paint or paint filters.
  • Fire pits must be twenty (20) feet from any other structure or building.
  • The fire must not be allowed to smolder with no flame present.
  • The smoke from the fire must not disturb the neighbors.
  • All ash must be removed to a permitted solid waste land disposal facility or disposed of by other method allowed by applicable statutes, rules and ordinances.
  • The person conducting the open burning must be present at the burn site from the commencement of the burning until the fire is completely extinguished.