Shovel Ready

The Schumann Business Park is now certified by the State of Minnesota as a “Shovel Ready” development site!  All environmental studies, geotechnical, property surveys, zoning, title insurance, and similar information regarding the technical aspects of the site are compiled and available to any interested party.  All shovel ready information will be available online soon, but can also be obtained by contacting the EDA at 507-533-4745.


The EDA has a unique relationship with the Henry and Luella Schumann family.  The EDA and Schumann Family entered into an agreement in 2003, recently renewed in 2012, to develop a portion of the Schumann’s property in north Stewartville, along US Highway 63 and Interstate 90.  The Schumann Business Park is a world-class commercial and industrial park with current tenants such as Kwik Trip Stores, Schwickert’s Construction, and our newest tenant FedEx Ground!

Available property in the Schumann Business Park, other developable city-owned properties, and some available lots and buildings that are privately owned, are inventoried and posted on this site as public information.  Current property listings can be viewed by clicking the link below.

The Property

The Schumann Business Park is located in the northwestern part of Stewartville, west of US Highway 63 on Schumann Drive. The park consists of two phases, with future phases of approximately 146 acres to be determined.

More Information

Video Tour of Schumann Business Park