Listed below are some of the general procedures and regulations regarding building in the City of Stewartville. This is not a complete listing of the regulations and should not be relied upon for all building questions. Complete information can be found in the City of Stewartville Zoning Ordinances, Building & Housing Ordinances, and the State Building Code. Please remember that all setback requirements are from PROPERTY LINES, not the street!   If you need additional help, please give us a call at 507-533-4745.

I. When are permits needed?

Nearly every type of building construction or remodeling within the City requires a building permit.

II. How do I get a permit?

  • Download the Permit Application
    Email the completed form to both
  • Zoning permits are issued by the City of Stewartville.  A plot sketch of your property,  showing the size of your lot and the location of all proposed or existing buildings on the lot is required.  All measurements must be from the actual lot lines and not from the street or curb.  Most property lines start approx. 13.5’ back from the curb.  Accuracy of the plot drawing is the responsibility of the property owner.  City staff will not establish lot lines for properties but will be happy to assist in the required drawing.  Zoning permits cost:
    • $50.00 for structures
    • $30 for fences, decks, sheds and pools
    • $30 for roofing
  • Building Permits are issued by the Olmsted County Planning Department, Inspections Division, 2122  Campus Drive, Suite 100, SE Rochester MN.  All questions regarding the MN State Building code requirements can be obtained by calling 328-7100.  REMEMBER, a zoning certificate from the City is required and must be presented to Olmsted County before a permit will be issued.  Building permits are required BEFORE construction starts or double fees may be assessed.

III. Standard Zoning Requirements

The City of Stewartville, like most cities, is divided into various zones that allow different uses. For instance, there are single-family residential districts, multi-family districts and business districts.  Each have unique requirements.  A map designating the zones is available on our web site and at City Hall.  Below are general setbacks for R1 & R2 Residential Zones.


  • Front Yard Setback – 25’
  • Side Yard Setback – Sum 16’ w/least being 6’
  • Rear Yard – 20′
  • Corner lots require the 25’ front yard setback and a 20’ side yard setback on the abutting street.  Please remember that setbacks are measured from the property lines!
  • Setback requirements for Housing

Decks are considered part of the principal structure and must follow the above setback requirements.

Front yard fences that are purely decorative are allowed.  They need to be under 3’ in height and have at least 50% open for air and light passage.

Rear and side yard fences may be 6’ in height.  If you are putting the fence on the adjoining property line, you will need your neighbors written permission.  We suggest that you place your fence 6” off the property line.  No fence should be placed on an easement.  For fences that are abutting a side street a 15’ setback from the property line is required.  All fences are required to have 5% open for air and light passage.

No pool shall be located beneath a utility line or over underground utility lines of any type.  Pools must be 10’ from any side or rear lot line and 6’ from any principal structure.
Pools must be fenced.  Fences must be a minimum of 5’ in height and shall be equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices.

Sheds are allowed but must follow our setback requirements and need a zoning cert (any size).  For sheds over 200 sq ft a permit is also needed from Olmsted County.

Detached garages and Accessory Buildings
These structures can be built to within 3’ of side and rear lot lines.  This measurement  includes a 2’ overhang.

IV. Other Info

You are not allowed to build on a utility or drainage easement.

If you feel you need a Zoning variance /and/ or  zoning special exception an application must be made and a $150 fee paid.  State Statute requires ten days published and mailed notice to all property owners within 350 feet, and a public hearing before Planning and Zoning Commission.  The Planning and Zoning Commission will make recommendation to the City Council at the next available meeting.

V. Additional Problems/Questions

City staff will be happy to assist you with any additional questions or problems. Please call (507) 533-4745 for assistance.

Download the Building Permit Application