The City of Stewartville has 220.22 acres or 11.23% of land zoned for Light Manufacturing. The City has a total of 639.11 acres or 15% of land designated for Light Manufacturing use in the Comprehensive Plan, but a majority of this land, 418.89 acres, is outside the city’s corporate limits and would need to be annexed and developed for use.

The goals for the Industrial District are to increase local employment opportunities, increase the goods and services available locally to City residents, and to create a more diverse tax base. This zoning district is intended to provide a mix of businesses. The City currently has four industrial parks: the Tebay’s Industrial Park, the Rochester Medical Industrial Park, the Schumann Business Park and the Bucknell Industrial Park. These four industrial parks consist of 87.54 total acres of light manufacturing industrial land developed. Of the 87.54 acres, 27.76 acres are vacant developed land (water and sanitary sewer services available but no structure has been built) in the City.

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