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Date & Location
Watch Meeting
Agenda & Minutes
Tuesday May 09, 2017
Variances -Clement, Dieser, Kropp, Wellhead Public Hearing, Himmer Loan 
City of Stewartville
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 7:00 PM
City Hall at 105 East First St
I. Pledge of Allegience
II. Call to Order-Roll Call
III. Approval of Agenda
IV. Approval of Council Meeting Minutes
Council Minutes of April 25, 2017
V. Finance and Budget
Accounts Payable Listing
VI. General Business
A. Variance Request
115 4th Ave. SE – Dieser
B. Variance Request
310 Luella Lane NE – Clement
C. Variance
710 4th Ave. SE – Kropp
D. Public Hearing
Wellhead Protection Plan – Part II
E. Revolving Loan Fund
Approval of Loan – Dan Himmer
F. 2017 Pool/Concessions
Approval of Lifeguards/Concession Workers
G. Legislation Initiatives
Resolution Supporting local Decision Making Authority
VII. Mayor, Staff and Consultants Reports
A. City Administrator’s Report
Bi-Weekly Report
B. Finance Director’s Report
C. Public Works Supervisor’s Report
Bi-Weekly Report
D. Library Director’s Report
E. Fire Chief’s Report
F. City Engineer’s Report
VIII. Committee, Commissions and Board Reports
A. Chamber of Commerce
C. Finance
D. Library
E. Park Board
F. Personnel
G. Planning & Zoning
Minutes of May 2nd 
H. Public Safety
I.  Public Works
L. SCCC/Stew 180
M. Transit Advisory Committee
IX. Communications
A. Sheriff’s Newsletter
B.  Regional Training Center Open House
X. Open Mic
“The City Council welcomes and encourages participation from community members.  Please keep in mind that your comments must be pertinent to City business and must adhere to Data Privacy Rules, no employee’s name may be used.  Please do not expect action from the Council this evening regarding your concerns.  We also request that your comments be limited to four (4) minutes, speakers will be recognized only once.  At this time we ask that anyone who would like to address the City Council to please step up to the podium and state your name and address.”
XI. Adjourn


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